Things I Wished I Knew about SHS

Sacred Heart School
New Family Information

A.K.A. “Things I wish I knew when I started SHS.”
Welcome to the Sacred Heart School Family!

You are joining a wonderful community dedicated to a quality education for our children. May this booklet serve as an “unofficial guide” to SHS. I hope you find the information inside to be useful.

A disclaimer….
Dates and activities may be subject to change. This guide hits some of SHS’s “high points”. It does not include details pertaining to every fundraiser, activity, policy and/or tradition at the school. It is meant to help make you aware of some of the things you may expect as the school year progresses.

All Call Out System

In the event school is cancelled, for updated reminders, for information from room parents, or in the case of an emergency, you will receive an automated phone call with the announcement. In the case you are unsure about a school closure and have not received a call from this system, you may consider calling a room parent or another school family before coming to school. To help insure that your family receives these calls, please be sure to inform the office should your telephone number(s) change during the school year.


Many children like to celebrate their birthday with a special treat for their class. Please coordinate with your teacher in advance to allow for a convenient snack time and an appropriate class snack. PLEASE REMEMBER: NO NUTS OR NUT-PRODUCTS. Kindergarten Birthday celebrations are usually done during snack break in the morning. It will need to be setup by 10:00. Arrange your celebration with the all teachers in advance.

In regards to teachers’ birthdays, please check with your room parents for dates and details.

Campbell’s Soup Labels and Box Tops For Education

SHS collects Campbell’s Soup Labels and Box Tops For Education. Please send these in with your child or turn them into the School Office and place them into the appropriate containers. Throughout the year there may be contests relating to these events.

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is a week long celebration of our Catholic Education. It begins with mass and a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday followed by fun planned theme days and activities. The Pancake Breakfast and mass will take place on Sunday, the first day of Catholic Schools Week. More information will be available to you as the week approaches.

Chili Cook-off

During Catholic Schools Week and Open House we have our traditional Chili Cook-off held in the evening the night of Open House. Parents and family members can enter the competition which includes cooking chili and decorating a themed booth. Come out and sample the different chilies and enjoy an evening of fellowship! Guests are welcome as it is a fun evening for all! 

Class Parties

Class parties are scheduled throughout the school year (i.e. Christmas and Valentine’s Day). Check your calendar for scheduled dates and times. Your room parents will have more details as the parties approach.

Extended Care (Please see page 10 for information pertaining to School Hours)

Sacred Heart School has an Extended Care Program that we are very proud of. Not only does it provide a safe and structured environment for your child before and/or after school, it also serves as a caring program you can feel confident in. There is a fee for this service. Please be advised that whether your child is or is not enrolled in the program if he or she has not been picked up from school by the time the last bell rings at 3:15PM Monday - Thursday or 1:45 on Friday, he or she will be escorted to the Extended Care area until you arrive at the school. This is for your child’s safety as the school is open at the end of the day and for the consideration of our faculty and staff. For Program specifics and rates you may speak the Director of Extended Care, the phone number is (661) 878-1918.

Field Trips

Every year your children will have the opportunity to go on field trips, participate in retreats, and/or attend LPAC performances. Chaperones are appointed by the school and/or teachers. Every chaperone must have completed VIRTUS Training and be fingerprinted with their up to date documentation in the school office prior to the trip.

Free Dress

“Pay For Free Dress”- This oxymoron will soon become a family phrase in your home. The Student Council sponsors “Pay For Free Dress” days. Students wishing to participate, pay to wear regular clothes to school. Proceeds go to the School Council and various charities. If your children choose not to participate in this event, they must wear their school uniform. Please see the handbook as to what is appropriate for them to wear on these special days.


-Fall Luncheon

The Fall Luncheon is one of our school’s major fundraisers. Each year a new theme is selected and tables are decorated based on the designated theme. You may look forward to 10 beautifully decorated tables that seat 40 guests each. These tables are designed by approximately 40 hostesses. A wonderful turkey luncheon is served. Additionally, a raffle takes place.  Lovely themed gift baskets filled with donated items from each class will be included in the raffle prizes.

You will receive information prior to the Fall Luncheon in regards to the requested donated items for your child’s grade.
  This is truly a spectacular afternoon! Due to the nature of this event, it takes a very large team of volunteers to make it a success. There are opportunities to earn parent hours by helping with the tables, helping in the kitchen, and donating baked turkeys. Finally, assistance will be needed to clean up after the event is over. 

If you would like more information about the luncheon or volunteering for the event, please leave your contact information in the office indicating who it is you would like to speak with and they will contact you.

-Fall Carnival

SHS tradition includes a Fall Carnival for the children. Typically, on Halloween, the children are allowed to dress in costumes (check guidelines for details pertaining to costumes) and have a parade of costumes in the Courtyard shortly after the start of the day. Families and friends are welcome to attend. This is followed by the Carnival which consists of games, food, raffles, a DJ, and lots of fun. Parents help set up and work shifts at the booths. Children buy tickets for the booths as well as raffle tickets before the event. They are also available at the Carnival. This is a very popular event with children and adults alike. It requires a lot of parent help to make it successful. It is another great time to earn those parent hours! This year the Fall Carnival will be held on or around October 31, 2013 from 8am-12pm

Please note, a variety of additional fundraisers may be scheduled throughout the school year. These events are great opportunities to become involved, earn your parent hours, and assist in the operations of the school.


The Archdiocese requires all parent volunteers and chaperones be fingerprinted. Free fingerprinting is often offered through the Archdiocese. Stop by the school office to pick up the necessary fingerprinting form and for more information on this topic.


Sacred Heart School has three trimesters. Report Cards are sent home at the end of each trimester.
The grading policy is as follows:

Kindergarten and Grade One
O =Outstanding
G =Good
S =Satisfactory
NI =Needs Improvement

Grades Two through Eight
A =93-100%
B+ =90-92%
B =87-89%
B- =85-86%
C+ =80-84%
C =75-79%
C- =70-74%
D =65-69%
F =64% and below


Gradelink is a computer based program that enables you to check on your child’s progress throughout the school year. It is updated by your child’s teacher(s) on a regular basis. Please be advised that our teachers do not update this program every day. Their expected posting dates will be listed at the beginning of each school year for your reference.

Health Checks

Health Checks are completed for SHS students twice a year. Your child’s weight, height and eye sight are checked and recorded at this time. Results are then sent home with your child for your family records. Please check your calendar for scheduled dates. Health checks are also an opportunity for parents to earn service hours.

Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten Parents

During the school year the TK & Kindergarten classes have several events for parents to attend. Here is a list of the events that will occur:

Please submit your pics to the yearbook staff so that they may be included in the yearbook.
during the school year.

First day of school -- pictures and video cameras are encouraged for use the first 5-10 min of class.   Then, please join us for the welcome coffee in the Kennedy Center. 

Back to school night is the first mandatory parent meeting

Fall Carnival – A parent must accompany TK and K students during the carnival.

Thanksgiving party - The children will be performing a play. After the play finger foods are served which are provided by the parents. The kindergarten teacher will send out a notice as to what parents need to provide.

Christmas Program – This program requires mandatory student attendance.

Teacher/Faculty Appreciation Luncheon

International Day - The kindergarten teacher will send out information regarding this event.

End of School Year Class Picnic

Last day of school – end of the year awards

Parent Association Meetings - Mandatory 3 per year (Please check calendar for dates and times.)

Always check the calendar to see what the schedule is for the day. This is really the ultimate guide for the school year.

Supply Lists

You will receive a list of items that your child will need for the school year. The teachers like to receive these items prior to the first day of school. A notice will go out as to when you can drop them off at school. Please try to get everything in to the school prior to the first day of school. The first day of school can get hectic and it is one less thing you have to worry about.


Be sure to label jackets, coats, backpacks, lunch boxes, folders, etc. with your child’s first and last name.

Lunches, Snacks, and Milk Cards

Children need a morning snack for their 10:10AM recess break. Please include a healthy choice in your child’s lunchbox. Many children also like a drink at snack time. For lunches, again, please include healthy choices and quantities your child is likely to eat. Milk cards may be purchased through Cletehouse Cafe.

Hot lunch is ordered through Cletehouse Cafe. A menu order form is sent home at the end of the month for the next month's orders.

Helpful hint:
Be sure and mark your calendar when you choose to purchase hot lunch. This will help to eliminate the possibility of two lunches in one day, or no lunch at all.

Mandatory Parent Meetings

There are three Parent Meetings throughout the school year. Parents are required to attend. Due to the nature of these meetings, it is suggested children do not attend. However, our Open House parent meeting is a family event and children are encouraged to come and give their families a tour of their classrooms. The purpose of these meetings is to help you keep in touch with school happenings, policies and our fundraising finances. They are important as they help to keep direct lines of communication open between the school and our parent community. Please refer to your school calendar for dates and times of these scheduled meetings.

Morning Assemblies

Morning Assemblies are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00AM under the flagpole or in the Kennedy Center during inclement weather. You are encouraged to come and join your child and our SHS community in prayer, the flag salute, singing, and announcements of current school events, sports scores, birthday recognition and awards of various natures. This is a time to show community spirit and commitment. Attending Morning Assembly is a wonderful way to start your day.

Musical Programs

Our Music Teacher works very hard with our children to insure that they receive a truly quality musical experience. There will be calendared musical programs in which your child will participate. They are not to be missed, as they are quite a treat. The children work on a lovely Christmas program for their friends and families to come and see. It is generally held in the Church. This is a truly wonderful event as we prepare to celebrate Christmas as a community. 

Other Free Dress

There are instances for free dress throughout the year. Some are for supporting charities. (i.e. $1 for free dress proceeds goes to American Cancer Society) and some are just to reward students. When your child is chosen as Student of the Month, he or she will have a “Free Dress Day.” Guidelines and details for these days are provided on the monthly calendar sent home with your children each month and are included on our school website.

Parent Hours

Thirty service hours are required per family. There are many opportunities to earn your parent hours regardless of what kind of schedule you may keep. Fundraisers, library, donations, bake sales, and school activities are just a few examples of options that are available to you. Get involved early in the school year and you will be surprised at how quickly you can earn your hours. The more you involve yourself the more our children and our school benefit. Watch for letters sent home with your child, look at the school’s website, attend parent meetings and talk to your room parents for additional ideas in this area. Like your Scrip obligation, you may check your status regarding your parent hours, in the office. It is helpful to also keep a record of your hours at home as you complete them.

For every $10 donated to an event (i.e. SCRIP and/or supplies), an hour is earned. Submit a parent participation hour slip to the chairperson or room parent in charge of the event. The following are some of the events that will need volunteers. Please check your calendars for their scheduled dates and times.

Parish Barbecue
Fall Carnival
Christmas Boutique
Health Checks
Play Day
Fall Luncheon
Book Fair
Chili Cook-off
Snack Sales
Donations to Extended Care

Parking Lot Safety (Page 19 of the Parent - Student Handbook)
Read this section thoroughly. Be safe when dropping off and picking up your child.

Pets at SHS

As a rule, pets are not allowed on the school grounds. Should they accompany you to the school, they should be left in your car while you are on school grounds. However, if you wish to bring a pet to share with your child’s class, please contact your child’s teacher to request permission and to make necessary arrangements.

Pick Up Procedures

Many families come to pick up their children at the same time. Therefore, please try to be respectful of other drivers and children as you pick up your child. Enter the school through the entrance at the basketball courts off of Jackman. You may park on the basketball courts if you would like. During sports seasons if orange cones are out, please do not park on the basketball courts. You may also park on the east side of the school in the church parking lot. Faculty and Staff will be wearing orange vests in the parking lot to help direct traffic. Please remember they are there to assist in the pickup of our children and this is not the time to try to hold a prolonged conversation with them. Please note; there may be no pick up or drop off of students through the front glass doors of the school. Thank you for your consideration in the parking lot in advance.


School pictures are taken twice a year. At the beginning of the year pictures are taken in school uniform. In the spring pictures are taken in uniform or in free dress attire.  Eighth grade students take special pictures during the years.  On Retake day, they dress in their Sunday best and take their  Yearbook picture.  Cap and gown pictures are taken on  Spring picture day.  Also on that day, they take a group picture in the church on alter, with our priests.

Every few years, a picture of the entire school body will be taken.  

Play Days

Children in grades PK-5 participate in Play Days. This fun time takes place in the afternoon. The children are given opportunities to dance, play games, play outside and have snacks. Parents are always needed to help with these days.  Contact your room parents and say you will help! You can earn parent hours for helping with Play Days! Check your calendar for scheduled dates.


Special occasions call for cookies! In the 1st Grade, families help give a cookie reception for the 2nd Grade Class and their families when they receive First Holy Communion. 2nd Grade room parents help with a reception for the 2nd Grade Class and their families following the Mary’s Day Mass. In the 6th and 7th Grade, families help give a cookie reception for the 8th Grade Class and their families when they graduate. More details will follow at the appropriate time from your room parents.

Room Parents

Each class has appointed room parents to help with activities and coordinate support from other parents. They will contact you for help with events (Snack Sale, Fall Carnival, etc.) as well as notify you of urgent last minute matters, such as unplanned school closings (i.e. snow days). Room parents are a great source of information and are here to help!  Sign-ups for the following school year takes place 
each May.

School Communication

Many forms are used to communicate school information to our school families.

Sacred Heart School has an all call out system that may be used to advise you of important information from the principal and/or room parents. This system may be used to advise your family about school closures, change in dates or general announcements.

Our website is a very important source of information and is updated regularly to reflect all of the happenings at our school. It will reflect changes to the calendar, general announcements, and dates and times of upcoming events.

Gradelink may be used to monitor your child’s progress in the classroom and you will receive notices from the school office advising you of general announcements or issues that may need your attention.

Gradelink email goes between the school and parents.  If you wish to email your student's teacher, you can find their email on the school website under Staff Directory.  The school and teachers will also email you regarding various events.

School Hours 

The playground opens at 7:30 AM. The Kindergarten children have a designated area to play by their classroom and they are not permitted to play on the larger part of the playground. The school day begins with the 1st bell ringing at 7:55 AM. Upon the ringing of the bell, students are to line up in their designated class areas. TK & Kindergarten will go to the Kinder playground each morning. Grades 1-8 will line up in front  the classrooms. Monday through Thursday school starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. On Fridays the dismissal time is 1:30 PM to allow for Faculty Meetings. Throughout the school year, there are some days where the scheduled dismissal time is at 12:00 PM dismissal to allow for staff development. Please be sure to reference the monthly calendar and flyers sent home regarding dismissal times.

School Masses

School Masses are held frequently throughout the school year. Masses and Mass times will be noted on your monthly calendar, on the school website, or by notification from the school office. Parents are encouraged to attend these celebrations. Each grade will sponsor a Mass (i.e. Kindergarten sponsors the Christmas Mass). This is a wonderful way to worship as a school community. Please remember to consult your parent handbook for Mass day uniform requirements. When in doubt ask!  No Photos may be taken during the Holy Mass.


All families are expected to meet their SCRIP obligation as stated in the tuition agreement. At first, this may seem overwhelming, but in no time you will get used to “life with SCRIP”. To purchase SCRIP, stop by the office before or after school and visit the scrip coordinator and let her know you are there to order SCRIP. Be sure to wait behind the counter until she is ready to assist you. A current SCRIP list is available on our school website or in the office. 

Advance planning may really help you to meet your obligation. You may earn parent hours for donating SCRIP to various fundraisers which helps you to work towards your parent hours and your SCRIP obligation at the same time. Another example of purchasing wisely would be to purchase Albertsons SCRIP and pay for the cookies you donate to extended care for parent hours with SCRIP.

Please feel free to contact the scrip coordinator and check your family SCRIP balance every now and then so you have an idea of how close you are to meeting your obligation. Lastly, please keep in mind that upon meeting your annual obligation you may still purchase SCRIP. In fact, please do so, as your continued support helps benefit the school.


The Junior High Students will have scheduled themed Socials throughout the school year. Details pertaining to the dress, time, etc. will be given to your child prior to these events. Please refer to your calendar for scheduled dates and times.

Special Assemblies

SHS students are able to enjoy and participate in a variety of special assemblies. Examples of these assemblies include; various speakers, the SHS Talent Show, and our very special 8th Grade Farewell events. You may feel free to come and participate in these events. Check your calendar for scheduled assemblies and more information.

Teacher Communication

If you need to speak to the teacher please do so before or after school. If your conversation is personal please schedule an appointment. You can e-mail the faculty too using the school’s website.


Please refer to your Sacred Heart School Handbook and the school website for uniform specifics pertaining to your child’s gender and grade level. Do not forget to use Land’s End SCRIP to purchase uniform pieces and spirit wear. Please allow delivery time for your order.

Uniform Questions???

Land’s End is the provider for our school uniforms. Please refer to the handbook for specifics pertaining to what you should order. Please keep in mind that the sizes do tend to run a bit smaller than what your child normally wears so you may want to order a larger size.

Navy pants, navy shorts, and white blouses for under the jumpers may be purchased through local merchants such as JC Penney, Sears, Old Navy, Children’s Place, and/or Target. Spirit Wear (t-shirt, sweats, shorts, and jackets) is worn for P.E. and is optional. Spirit Wear may not be worn to school on days we celebrate mass.

On occasion there are used uniform sales at the school, look for notices and check our website for applicable dates and times.

When in doubt, refer to your SHS handbook, the school website,  or check in the school office!

Upper Grade Programs

There are a variety of programs available to older children at the school which include but are not limited to athletic, academic and musical interests. Additional information pertaining to these programs will be sent home with your child at the applicable time.

Virtus Training

The Archdiocese requires all parent volunteers and chaperones to have Virtus Training. Currently, SHS and Sacred Heart Church have trainers. Training sessions will occur on a regular basis or as needed. After the Virtus training it is required to give the school office a copy of the documentation. Then go to the specified website and update your status to keep your certification current.


You may find Sacred Heart School’s Website at Helpful information pertaining to our school may be found at this site. Additionally, at the end of each month you will find a monthly packet is emailed to each parent.  This packet will help keep you updated with all that is happening with our school as well as upcoming events, notices, and deadlines.

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